Redefining DeFi: A Recap of EMP Money’s Recent News

EMP Money
5 min readAug 23, 2023


Good afternoon EMP Community,

We’re here today to offer a comprehensive review of recent milestones, events and progress. Likewise, we’ll offer a glimpse into what’s on the horizon and provide actionable insights to help you prepare.

It’s been an exciting few months, and while most of the action has been happening on the backend…sometimes it’s the subtle shifts unfolding day by day beneath the surface that become grand spectacles that captivate the world!


EMP Fusion is in its final stages of development. All of the individual pieces are finished and tested. And now our team of developers are putting those individual pieces together into one whole product, and testing as one large piece.

We appreciate your patience, and understand that it has been hard to wait. We are in those last few steps, and getting very close to the finish line.

Our new whitepaper will be released in alignment with the announcement of the release date & sacrifice details, which will happen when we are 100% certain we can meet any deadlines we announce.

If you tune into our AMAs or read the AMA notes in our discord channel, we will always keep you 100% up to date with all of the information we have regarding Fusion.

Here’s the link to our current whitepaper:

Answers to many of the most frequently asked questions can be found here. We’re always happy to help out. We recommend reading the whitepaper first, and then jumping into the groups for further clarification if/when needed.

We also have a series of explainer videos being made! The designer is currently on video number 4 out of 6. When all 6 are complete, we’ll be releasing them as a series. They break down Fusion into a very simplified fun way to understand how the new ecosystem works.

Once the MVP is launched, we’ll be producing a second round of videos featuring the new UI.


We have been simultaneously building a secret PulseChain project behind the scenes. We took a step back when the SEC announced their charges against Richard Heart, to monitor how the market would react. Now that things have calmed down and there’s been a recovery from the initial dip after the news, we’ve decided to go ahead with the release of our project.

It’s 100% finished and ready to roll. You’ll be receiving more news on that this week, as we carry out a multi-stage launch. We will be opening it up to our VIPs first, and then to the public. This project will also incorporate a way to use your EMP & ESHARE while we’re in those final steps of finishing Fusion. The EMP & ESHARE integration will not be available on day 1, but shortly after launch we will be making announcements on EMP & ESHARE. And then a little farther down the line, partner tokens, and their incorporation as well.

Make sure to keep your eyes open this week so you don’t miss any information regarding the launch.

As the project is located on PulseChain, it is recommended that if you wish to participate, you prepare yourself by getting some Pulse ready. Keep in mind that you’ll need Pulse for gas on PulseChain as well.

If you need to get funds over to Pulse, here are a few bridges we recommend:


The L1X launch of Mainnet-Beta is in 8 days! Which means our DEX will also be launching on August 31st. For those of you who purchased L1X in the pre-sale, August 31st is when you’ll start receiving the first segment of your vested tokens. For those that purchased in the public sale, August 31st is also when you’ll receive your tokens.

The public sale is still underway, and you can get in by visiting our site:

Please make sure you’ve given this article a good read, so you fully understand what the mainnet-beta phase is and what it entails:

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, alongside the L1X team to make sure the launch of L1DEX is a huge success. All of the final details are coming together after months of preparation and development.

The L1DEX site and litepaper are now live, make sure to go take a look:

*As a precautionary measure, please be extra vigilant as we get closer to the launch, and be sure to only take announcements coming directly from the L1X/EMP/L1DEX channels in pinned announcements or by voice on AMAs as official news. There are many scams out there, and there may be accounts who try to put out fake contract addresses for the coins. Please be careful. *

We have an EXCITING AMA coming up with AJ, Jake & the L1X team on their Discord Channel tonight at 9pm EST/1am UTC. We hope to see you there!


We’ve been amping up marketing on all fronts as we get closer to these launch dates. You’ll see a lot of our presence across social media platforms, popular DeFi sites, and with well-known influencers in the coming weeks.

The AMA train is leaving the station! All aboard!!

We are trending on DeBank. Both of our accounts are in the top 100 amongst all official projects on DeBank. If you haven’t followed us there yet, make sure you do! We’re sharing lots of valuable content, and gaining many new followers & community members through this platform.

L1X Debank Account:

EMP Debank Account:

Are you following us on Twitter?



We ask that in the coming weeks you support us by engaging with our social media content. There’s no better way to invest in your investment, than helping to spread our content far and wide for new users to see and experience.

Interested in becoming an EMP VIP? When we’re about to open up a new round of submissions, we look out for the most engaged, helpful members of our community who make the biggest positive impact. We don’t have a set date to announce today, of when we’ll be opening up our next round, but as it approaches, ask yourself what you can do to leave an impact.

That’s all for today, but keep watch for more information coming your way this week surrounding our PulseChain project.

As always EMPerors, keep shining bright. We appreciate you all.

-The EMP Money Team

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