POW’r UP — Ethereum Virtual Miner by EMP Money

EMP Money
4 min readNov 29, 2022


EMP is proud to introduce POW’r UP. A high utility collection of Ethereum Virtual Miners, delivering pure passive income & leading ROI that give holders the ability to earn lucrative yields in the Ethereum token which can be claimed weekly.

The most powerful route to sustainable & reliable 5x returns, without the setbacks and frustrations of traditional mining…even in the middle of a bear market.

An innovative new NFT, that we believe is truly going to disrupt the crypto mining industry and provide a solution to a lot of the challenges that miners are encountering.

The miners built & secured the financial networks of the future. We pay our respect to these miners with an offer to participate in the most profitable ETH mining in crypto, without the issues of high overhead for mining equipment, sky high electricity costs, loud noise, risk of algorithm changes, long ROI times or fear of government regulators.

Many are still mining at a loss right now.

Others are having to sell their rigs, just to pay for their expenses.

Those that aren’t at a loss, are still in a position where it will take the next 3–4 years just to ROI on their hardware.

This is the fuel that supercharged our motivation to create these Ethereum Virtual Miners, because to see the very people that built & secured the network now mining at a loss, or shutting down their rigs…there had to be a better way.

And up until now…there really hasn’t been an innovative alternative to come along and shake up the mining industry.

POW’r UP NFTs plug you into the most profitable ecosystem with proven yields of ETH, with one of the most trusted protocols & teams in crypto.

With 5x’s the APR of even the leading ASIC miners, the ROI far outperforms anything on the market today and gives the added benefit of being liquid in the form of a sellable NFT. We have best in class returns on staked ETH (historically and currently), and a track record of an extremely successful ETH Staking contract (collected 785 ETH and paid investors a 19% return over a 3 month period), as well as pulling off the largest independent NFT mint in BNB Chain history, in the middle of a bear market.

EMP’s new POW’r UP NFT collection connects you with all the benefits of mining, without any of the drawbacks. At EMP we’ve always had a philosophy that we can all win together, and we very much want to give miners a vehicle to accumulate as much ETH as possible during the bear market and far beyond.

When you hold POW’r UP NFTs, you access an optimized mining investment. POW’r UP NFTs plug you into the most profitable ecosystem and give you a chance to beat the bear market with an asset that produces ETH daily. These Ethereum Virtual Miners allow you to earn in an ETH-backed mining liquidity pool with over $6 million dollars. Ready to dive in?!

Why spend all of your earnings on your monthly expenses when you can be accumulating true wealth?

Lower your expenses, increase your profits and power up your portfolio.

Presented by EMP Money, a team backed by trust, transparency and a track record of proven results.

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