Our Brand New EMP Academy

The Gold Standard In Defi Education

EMP Money
3 min readSep 6, 2022

EMP Money established ourselves as the front runners in Defi education with the first edition of our EMP Academy. It was unheard of for a crypto project to create a course or educational tool to teach its users how to use the platform. With over 5000 participants who have enrolled in our original academy, it’s been an incredible success and we have built the most highly educated community in crypto. We’re very passionate about promoting learning before earning, and always want our investors to be highly educated when entering into our ecosystem.

Like everything at EMP, we always strive to build, grow and constantly be better.

Yesterday was a MASSIVE day, because we officially launched our brand new EMP Academy V2!! It’s bigger, better & it’s THE most robust, detailed, easy to use & understand educational platform that exists in Defi.

EMP have become the leaders in Defi Education. And we plan to continue fulfilling our mission of creating better Defi users.

Now that the core academy has been launched, you’ll see a lot more supplemental content being added over the coming months. We plan to dive into topics like safety, Defi basics, and other highly requested topics amongst our users.

WOW did the community ever respond phenomenally to the news! We’re now 24 hours into the doors opening to the new platform, and we’ve had hundreds of enrollments & dozens of graduates posting their certificates like a badge of honor in our groups.

While everybody else in the crypto education space is trying to sell you expensive courses and let you in on the ‘next big thing’, with an outrageous price tag attached….EMP is offering the most value packed educational tool that exists in Defi today, for free. And we plan to keep it that way.

When you win, we all win. When you make decisions that are both beneficial to you and healthy for the ecosystem…it benefits all of us. And our amazing community is one of the top reasons our protocol is so healthy and sustainable. We’re so passionate about education, and that feeling has been contagious. EMP is one of the very few places that exists where everybody can win, and education is the key to that.

One of the best features of the academy is that all of the videos are in short, bite sized pieces. You can complete the entire curriculum in about 90 minutes. Whether you only have a few minutes to spare, or you want to go through the whole program in one sitting, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re new here, the academy is your first stop to learn how to maximize your experience and gains here at EMP. If you’re an OG, you’ll find that the new academy is new and exciting and it’s worth exploring, even if you already understand the platform.

EMP is always finding ways to revolutionize the Defi space, and the new academy is just one more example of that!

Dive in, and let us know what you think!


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