Introducing Sparkswap

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4 min readAug 28, 2023


The EMP Money Team proudly presents to you, our brand new sister project on PulseChain: SPARKSWAP

Sparkswap is a new yield farming protocol on Pulsechain with multiple farms and single-staking pools to choose from, in addition to an AMM and a BNB Chain to PulseChain Bridge. This is your gateway to earning abundant yields on Pulsechain, in a project you know will still be here tomorrow!

Pulsechain has been ridled with rugs & failed projects, and what it desperately needed was a reliable project from a veteran team, and that’s exactly what Sparkswap is.

There’s a few key differences that set it far apart from any comparable projects:

  1. All LP pools that are eligible to earn INC rewards from the native Pulse LP reward pools will be rehypothecated. That means we are able to earn rewards on those LP positions while never actually taking custody of your tokens. Those INC rewards are then sold to supplement the SPARK/PLS LP and rewarded back to users that are staking in Sparkler. This also puts MASSIVE buying pressure on SPARK & PLS.
  2. We distribute ALL protocol fees and rewards back to our users via Sparkler. This is a revolutionary mechanism that gives utility and value to the SPARK token. The rewards are distributed based on the real yield of the protocol. Just like a Certificate of Deposit, the longer you choose to stake your SPARK, the more rewards you will receive from the reward pool. You can calculate your share of the pool and bonuses through our calculator.

With over $230,000 $SPARK already locked up in the Sparkler contract, this majorly decreases the supply of the reward token, while simultaneously allowing users to earn from it.

The Launch

The launch has been a massive success! This was a secret project. We didn’t spill the beans to anyone prior to launch. A short time before public launch, we allowed our VIP group early entry to set a stable floor. And on Sunday August 27th, we launched to the public. In just over 24 hours the protocol has over $2.3 million dollars in TVL, 23x token price from launch, $684,000 in liquidity, $1,179,016 market cap, and over $230,000 $SPARK already locked in our Sparkler contract. Just absolutely incredible! And with every hour, the buzz is getting bigger and bigger around PulseChain & crypto circles. We see this growing much much bigger.

Instructions to get in:

  • Exchange/Transfer PLS any other asset to PulseChain via
  • Purchase SPARK and create LP (for the farm) or lock into Sparkler.
  • Go into the farm or single asset pool of your choosing. You can create LP using the liquidity tab or swap with our AMM. Monitor the APR and go into the pools that are paying the most on assets you don’t mind holding.
  • Go into the farm or single asset pool of your choosing. You can create LP using the liquidity tab or swap with our AMM. Monitor the APR and go into the pools that are paying the most on assets you don’t mind holding.
  • When approving the contracts, choose the “use default” option for the spending limit. (This step is very important)
  • You will earn the SPARK token from farms and pools. You can sell SPARK outright or single stake your SPARK into Sparkler to be rewarded in SPARK/PLS LP (paid from protocol fees & INC rewards). Bonus rewards grow exponentially as the length of your lock period increases.
  • You can also deposit immediately into Sparkler with purchased SPARK (to earn SPARK/PLS LP from all of the deposit/withdrawal fees in the farms/staking pools).
  • Use these LPs to go back into the farms (compound your earnings) or break them to earn SPARK & PLS.


We’ve decided to first launch with the yield farm, staking and AMM, with the bridge to come momentarily. Expect to see updates from us shortly to give you all the latest information on the Bridge and when it’s launching.

EMP & ESHARE Integrations:

There will also be built in EMP & Eshare integrations in the protocol. We will be giving more information within the next week or so, so keep an eye open for that! We can’t wait to give you another way to earn on your EMP & ESHARE as you wait for Fusion to be released.





Sparkswap Contract: 0x6386704cD6f7A584EA9D23cccA66aF7EBA5a727e


Have questions? We would love to help you get them answered. We have our regularly scheduled AMA coming up tonight (Monday Aug 28) at 6:45pm EST/10:45pm UTC on our Youtube Channel. Please leave your AMA questions in our AMA-Questions Discord Channel ( or in the Youtube Live Comments.

We also have very active Telegram & Discord groups. We’d love to help you get your questions answered. We’ll leave the links down below.

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