EMP Pulls Off The Largest Independent NFT Launch In BNB Chain History!

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5 min readNov 8, 2022


The news has been spreading around the cryptosphere all week! In a rise of glory, last week in collaboration with partners MDB…EMP was able to pull off the largest Independent NFT Launch in BNB Chain History!

There’s been major buzz brewing & HUGE momentum growing in the EMP ecosystem. Everything is on fire right now, and this protocol cannot be stopped.

If there’s one thing for sure, the EMP Team has always done every single thing they set out to do. And there’s never been anything announced that they haven’t followed through on. This was just one more prime example of the team work, integrity and exemplary precision that EMP deploys, when working to hit any new target.

In the last ten days, we’ve seen the EMP Peg rise by 110%, the price of EMP go up by 150% and the price of ESHARE rise by 145%.

The ecosystem is extremely close to being back to firing on all cylinders, and it’s hard to miss.

There have been record numbers in attendance on the daily AMAs. The EMP academy is welcoming in an exponential number of new registrants. And the EMP Telegram & Discord chats are simply buzzing with new community members eager to get started in the protocol.

The secondary market is EXPLODING with volume. With $85k in total sales volume in the first 7 days on NFTRADE, our official partner platform. The EMP Treasury receives a 5% royalty off of all transactions on the secondary market. And it’s one of the EMP Supercharges which is used to buy back & burn EMP. A big part of the reason why these NFTs are so beneficial not only to the investor, but to the entire ecosystem as a whole.

The Sentinel Squadron NFTs

EMP has formed an incredibly powerful collaboration with MDB for the mint of the Sentinel Squadron NFTs.

These are high utility NFTs delivering pure passive income. Giving investors an opportunity to build lucrative positions in both ecosystems, as they pay out in both ESHARE & MDB.

The NFT funds raised have been invested into the WIN-IT-NOW prize of the Reactor Contract to instantly 2x the deposit. And through a 5/2 compound/claim strategy, NFT holders are able to yield through lucrative Reactor claims.

Key Benefits To NFT Holders:

  • Get a high yielding investment in EMP, while at the same time building a lucrative position in MDB.
  • Pure passive income investment — all the investing strategy is done for you, and all you need to do is take profits.
  • Option to sell your NFT on a secondary marketplace: NFTRADE
  • Maximize your investment growth through 50 lottery tickets (for the investment pool) in Reactor every day — All lottery prizes added to the NFT investment pool.
  • NFT investment Reactor position will continue to grow through the 5/2 strategy thus increasing the potential for higher yields when claiming.
  • Benefit from no whale-tax on Reactor claims, due to multiple holders, and the additional benefits provided to the EMP ecosystem though EMP Supercharges.

EMP Supercharges

EMP Supercharges are ways these NFTs benefit the health & sustainability of the entire EMP ecosystem.

  • 10% Reactor Win-It-Now Deposit fee to Treasury used to invest in yielding options outside of the ecosystem and yields used to buy back and burn EMP.
  • 5% royalty of NFT sales on the secondary market are used to buy back and burn EMP.


  • Amongst the 5000 NFTs sold, were 5 Legendaries. Three of which were randomly dispersed amongst the NFTs in the sale to a few lucky NFT buyers. And in a monumental Legendary auction, two winners claimed our remaining Legendaries for a colossal $10,000 & $8,300!
  • There are a number of different rarity categories of the Sentinel Squadron NFTs: Common, Rare, Epic & Legendary.
  • In a few short days, we’ll be showcasing a massive reveal of the entire collection’s rarities. Buckle up, because the secondary market is due to explode along with this announcement!!
  • If you haven’t scooped yourself up a Sentinel Squadron just yet, there’s never been a more perfect time!

The Infinite Money Loop — Version 2.0

At EMP, if there’s a way to benefit the investor to the max, while taking great care of the health and sustainability of the ecosystem…we’ll find it.

These NFTs are another incredible way to earn passive income, without hurting the ecosystem.

They’re also able to be used to implement our Infinite Money Loop and make great use of the EMP you’re earning through your Nodes and the Boardroom.

Simply swap the ESHARE & MDB you’re earning from your NFT for ETH and pair that ETH with the EMP that you’re earning through your Node or the Boardroom. Create EMP-ETH LP and deposit it into the farm to earn more ESHARE or into The Detonator.


Not to worry.

EMP has some other exciting things up our sleeves! You will want to keep your eyes glued to the EMP channels. 😉

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