EMP Money Celebrates Our One Year Anniversary

EMP Money
7 min readJan 18, 2023


Today is a monumental day at EMP Money as we celebrate our one year anniversary!! We take immense pride in what we have achieved over the past 12 months. It has been an incredible journey for us; despite enduring one of the worst bear markets in history, EMP Money has not only survived, but we have grown into a project that stands for so much more than just its financial value. We’ve hit some incredible milestones this past year. And where we’re heading, is even more exciting than where we’ve been!! We can’t wait to tell you about what comes next. But first, let’s take a look back on the past year.

A year in crypto is like ten years anywhere else. Not many DeFi projects can say that they’ve made it to the one year mark, and we don’t take that lightly. It has been the result of our commitment to always doing whatever it takes, to putting our community first, innovating continuously and dedicating as many hours as necessary to keep our project growing strong.

Our Community

Our community is hands down one of the biggest factors in our success. We have the best community in crypto. It’s easy to see in just a few minutes when you enter our space, just how different of an experience you’re going to have in the EMP environment. Our people are incredibly special and their positive energy is infectious in our chat channels. Whether they’re helping one another with technical questions or just discussing the latest news, our members go out of their way to create a welcoming and supportive environment.

They are the most helpful, supportive, and uplifting bunch of people that you’ll find in cryptoland. And it truly makes all the difference. We couldn’t do all that we do without the support of our amazing community members. In fact it’s many of the core members of the community who lend their time tirelessly to help shape the present and future of this project. We’re grateful every day, and we’ve all become much more like a family than random strangers on the internet.

Education First

EMP was the first crypto project to launch our own EMP Academy to teach our participants the ins and outs of how to use our protocol. We have designed the entire protocol with the intention of being education first, in order to fulfill our mission of creating better DeFi users. Educated members make decisions that are both highly beneficial for them as individuals but also healthy and sustainable for the protocol. And that’s how we can all win. It has made all the difference and has been such a key component to our success. Our participants truly love to learn, and our newly upgraded EMP Academy is such an incredible tool to help DeFi users get a kickstart on how to use our platform, and how to start investing in DeFi as a whole.

Our Top Milestones

  • #28 holder of ETH on the entire BNB Chain
  • Largest Independent NFT Mint in BNB Chain History ($1.5 million in 5 hours)
  • First crypto project to launch our own educational platform
  • Over $53 million in TVL
  • Detonator hitting over 100k LP
  • Were ranked #5 in all of DeFi by daily active users on DappRadar
  • 55 consecutive days above peg
  • Held over 300 AMAs in our first year
  • Three successful NFT mints — Sentinel Squadron, POW’r UP & Detonator Defenders
  • Leasing our proprietary Detonator Code to two other protocols in our first year with our DaaS program, as a solution for creating locked liquidity within their platforms.
  • Monetized Youtube channel providing additional income to buy back & burn EMP
  • Many successful partnerships

Amazing Achievements From Our Members

This year, our community members were able to achieve some HUGE milestones while investing at EMP, and we are so proud of them! Many have shared their stories of success, which serve as a testament to the profound impact that this protocol has had on their lives. From earning a steady source of supplementary income to reaching new levels of financial freedom and far beyond! Here’s what they had to say:

  • I have reached over 1k LP in the detonator which was my original goal! I started with about 330 LP. Now I am gunning for that sweet 2k LP mark. Some accomplishments: Learning the ins and outs of EMP to maximize my returns to help myself and EMP. I’ve not only learned alot about EMP but also a good bit about DeFi in general that I can use and take across my DeFi/crypto journey. As well as making a lot of great friends & relationships with those in EMP.
  • My favorite memory is winning the lottery and the largest deposit within one week.
  • So far my biggest milestone is reaching top 10 in the Reactor.
  • The community, friendships and connections has to be number one for me. I’ve learned a ton and gotten involved with other protocols because of EMP. I’ve had access to early investment opportunities as a result of being in VIP. It feels like a big family to me with people from all over the world and so many different backgrounds.
  • My favorite moment was Hot Llama live on the AMA after hip surgery. Main concern was not being able to compound while under anesthesia! I had just started listening to the AMA’s at the time and thought…hmmm, this is not at all like traditional finance!
  • My personal fav milestone was getting my first giga node….now I have 4 gigas in my bag of 15 different nodes. Another fav of mine is the amazing EMP community and friends I’ve made. The EMP dev team communication level is the greatest in all of defi. Bar none! 100% transparency….funds safu….innovation….partnerships…huge roadmap! What more can you ask for a protocol?
  • My milestones this year were — winning lotto back in May, and now I have over 1k LP in Deto. I also have been saving to get nodes and got my first Giga and some megas :). My next goals are to win lotto again, and I’m also hoping to get past the 2k LP mark in deto and slowly claiming to put that in the farm. Can’t wait for 2023–2025 and Eshare being in the thousands of dollars again.
  • One of the only DeFi protocols that has survived the bear 🐻 market and continues to build. Amazing leadership team. Amazing community. Continue to farm and earn in the bear market and build ETH and BNB positions. I can only imagine what will happen when the market turns.
  • I joined EMP thanks to my brother who convinced me and my other brother to join in spring 2022. We have all grown our positons over the year and now each have a unique approach to how we invest in the protocol. Its cool because we regularly talk about strategy, and how to best grow each others positions. Heck we even do rollover “parties” where we hop on a call or get together to compound. Its brought us closer and we can’t wait for the new goodies coming in 2023. 🙂
  • EMP was a game changer for me. The community here is just amazing. I’m sure there are many in this community who don’t share the same views I have, but it feels good to see again a community that can function beyond their political views. I have lots of people to thank and lots of new friends. A special shout out to AJ who keeps us going and who is quite likely the most inspirational person I’ve ever known. Thanks to all of you EMPerors who make this such a great place.

From Us To You

From all of us at the EMP Team, we’d like to say a sincere thank you for being a part of our year one journey. All of you are the inspiration behind all of the hard work that keeps this protocol thriving. We love our EMPerors, and we can’t wait to keep growing together in 2023 and far beyond. We have so much massive growth planned for this year, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it. We’re getting closer and closer to revealing the details on our final form. So be sure to stay tuned on our channels! We’re hosting a special Twitterspace tonight to commemmorate this special occasion. We’d love for you to join us. https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1DXxyvLnMWEKM

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