EMP Launches Detonator as a Service

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5 min readSep 22, 2022


In case you missed the exciting news yesterday, EMP has now officially launched Detonator as a Service (DaaS), and there’s already a lineup of protocols wanting their very own version of Detonator; the most explosive ROI contract to ever exist.

The Detonator is an extremely powerful part of our protocol that is a perfect example of just how innovative EMP truly is. This contract has proven to allow participants to earn consistent returns regardless of market conditions, and all throughout this bear market has been our shining light.

We saw it grow by an 86% average monthly pool balance & 149% average monthly user growth in the first 6.5 months since inception.

For those of you who may be new around here, The Detonator is a daily ROI contract using EMP-ETH LP tokens to deliver a return on investment through a series of incentives, taxes and compounding. It is a gamified smart contract that gives all participants a fairly equal opportunity to earn daily. We have combined many successful economic structures found over various different proven models to create the “best of the best” ROI contract.

It gives users a chance at winning life changing money daily, with its three prize winning features. The daily lossless raffle, the largest depositor prize and the Win-It-Now prize.

The Detonator is now 7 months old, and whether you got in on the first day, or you’re getting in now, there’s still a great opportunity for you to succeed. It doesn’t function in a way where one person has to lose, for another to win. Instead, we have many mechanisms in place designed to continuously feed the contract with fresh capital so that we do not rely on new users’ investments, as the sole way to pay out older investors’ returns.

This is a key difference and part of our proprietary code that other projects are knocking down our door to have access to. It helps lock liquidity and provides opportunity to create daily yields on your investment.

We’ve had so much success with Detonator, and have received so many requests to sell the Detonator code to other protocols (which we don’t have any intention of doing), that it was a no brainer for us to start offering Detonator as a Software as a Service or DaaS — Detonator as a Service, for short.

Each Detonator duplicate will transact in the partner protocol’s LP tokens, and will be hosted on our site. There will be a developer fee collected which will go towards supporting the EMP mothership, and could potentially be the largest revenue generating service to date. Literally every protocol that is EVM compatible could benefit from a Detonator style contract to deepen their liquidity and give even more earning potential to everyone involved.

Our First DaaS Partnership — Splinterlands

The Generator is the first Detonator as a Service contract on our platform. And we couldn’t have thought of any better partner to launch with than Splinterlands.

The Generator is a Splinterlands specific Detonator contract, using SPS-BNB LP. This provides the same great incentives while simultaneously providing deep liquidity, locked liquidity we may add.

The big issue in any DeFi or crypto project in general is having enough liquidity. With The Generator, we are able to add deep liquidity while also locking up a ton of SPS. This in turn reduces the circulating supply of SPS, and can lead to major price appreciation on the token itself.

Just to give you some perspective on what we mean…during yesterday’s Generator launch, the overall liquidity of the SPS-BNB LP pair grew by approximately 10% in only A COUPLE HOURS!! That’s locked liquidity. That number is only going to grow over the coming days and weeks. Is it all starting to click in now…how powerful this really is?

By utilizing the Splinterlands LP rewards already in place for providing liquidity, we are able to get a share of those SPS rewards by being one of the largest SPS-BNB LP holders through Generator itself. Those SPS rewards are then utilized to create more SPS-BNB LP and feed back into the Generator contract as fresh capital. This allows everybody in Generator to receive rewards without any additional users entering the pool.

And yes, 4% of all deposits will go to the EMP Treasury as a developers fee. However, just like Splinterlands supporting EMP, EMP wants to support Splinterlands. We’ve made a commitment to hold the SPS, and not to sell it. This will further reduce the circulating supply of SPS. Not only do we want to support Splinterlands, but we want to build a protocol to protocol investment with each other.

We are extremely bullish on the future of The Generator and Detonator as a Service. We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes, and are all set to launch with our next couple protocol partners in the next few weeks. We’re expecting just as many fireworks with those! More details to come very soon.

Do you know a protocol that you think absolutely must have its own Detonator contract? Have them visit our DaaS page now, and fill out our request form: https://emp.money/#/daas

Are you an influencer/Do you have a big network & are interested in referring other protocols to us for DaaS? We have an affiliate program.

Please take these steps to get in touch with us:

Step 1: Join our Discord Server — https://discord.gg/empmoney/

Step 2: Reach out to us here: https://bit.ly/DaaS-info-requests

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