Detonator Defenders NFT Collection

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4 min readDec 8, 2022


We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our Detonator Defenders NFT collection.

Detonator Defenders are a high utility collection of NFTs, delivering pure passive income & giving holders the ability to get a high yielding investment in EMP while at the same time accumulating ETH.

Going far beyond just passive income, they’re a celebration of one of the hands down, best communities in crypto. At EMP we’re not just building an ecosystem, we’re building people. The community has always played a large role in shaping, educating, and moving the protocol forward. This collection is a representation of that spirit in picture form.

These NFTs mark a celebration of our amazing community and everything we’ve accomplished together. We’ve worked hard to make sure our EMPerors are as informed and educated about crypto and the EMP ecosystem as possible, so that they can join us on our mission to revolutionize DeFi.

Not only do these tokens provide passive income, but they also allow holders to expand their position in one of the most trusted & highly respected projects in DeFi. NFT holders will earn EMP-ETH LP daily.

So join us on December 13th! Get your Detonator Defenders NFTs and become a part of the EMP revolution!

Together we’ll shape the future of DeFi.

Key Benefits To NFT Holders:

  • Instantly double your investment value through access to Win-It-Now in Detonator
  • Get a high yielding investment in EMP while at the same time accumulating ETH.
  • Pure passive income investment — all the investing strategy is done for you, and all you need to do accumulate and claim at your convenience.
  • Maximize your investment growth with up to 250 lottery tickets (for the investment pool) in Detonator every day — All lottery prizes added to the NFT investment pool.
  • NFT investment Detonator pool share will grow aggressively through the 5/2 strategy, thus increasing the potential for higher yields when claiming.
  • Benefit from no whale tax on Detonator claims due to multiple holders, and the additional benefits provided to the EMP ecosystem through EMP Supercharges.
  • Invest in the Detonator without having to claim or compound at a certain time of the day.
  • Option to sell your highly coveted NFT on a secondary marketplace.

EMP Supercharges

EMP Supercharges are ways these NFTs benefit the health & sustainability of the entire EMP ecosystem.

  • 10% Detonator Win-It-Now Deposit Fee to Treasury used to invest in yielding options outside of the ecosystem and yields used to buy back and burn EMP.
  • 5% royalty of NFT sales on secondary market used to buy back and burn EMP.

Exclusive Pre-Sale Opportunity

We are elated to announce the exclusive pre-sale of the Detonator Defenders NFT collection! This limited-edition set includes all 11 unique characters.

This is your chance to guarantee that you get one of each character in the collection, as this pre-sale is the only way to do so. To participate, simply fill out and submit the Google Form we’ll be posting in all of our channels, and follow the instructions found in its description.

VIP Pre-Sale Begins: December 11th 8pm EST/1am UTC

Public Pre-Sale Begins: December 12th 8am EST/1pm UTC

Exclusive Pre-sale Collectors Package Costs: $3333

Exclusive Pre-sale Collectors Package Includes: 11 Detonator Defender NFTs, 1 of each 11 designs.

Beware of scams. If it’s not pinned in our announcements on our official Telegram/Discord Channels, it’s not legit. Do not click on anything randomly DM’d to you.

Presale Giveaway

Every purchase of our exclusive full pre-sale collection will automatically enter you into the giveaway drawing. You could be one of the lucky winners and receive $1000 worth of EMP-ETH LP added to your Detonator position, or start a new one if you don’t already have one. The draw will happen following the mint, and the number of total winners will depend on total NFT Sales.

$100,000- 299,999–1 prize

$300,000–599,999–2 prizes

$600,000–1,000,000–3 prizes

Key Mint Details

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